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4K Video Game Console With Double 2.4G Wireless Controller

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32G w/3000+ Games
64G w/10000+ Games

Game list, including For ps1/atari/mame/sfc/fc/gba/gb/gbc/md emulator games, total (32G) 3000+/(64G) 10000+ games
Game history, game registration list, classified by game entry time
Game collection, you can use the START button for three seconds to collect or collect your favorite games
Game search, based on complete English game or keyword query, the first Chinese letter matching game query
Game settings, key tone settings, view local files, restore default settings, system information, output settings
Smooth lines, simple and elegant design, plug and play, with wireless handle, the wireless control range is up to 8 meters. Compared with the short-wired wired handle, the wireless handle avoids getting close to the TV and protects your eyes more effectively. Mini host with wireless handle.
Just connect the game console to the interface of the TV, connect the USB power supply data cable to the console, adjust the TV source to the corresponding high-definition channel to display the game list screen on the TV, and put the handle into the battery for remote control, that is Plug and play, simple and elegant, easy to operate.
Packing size: 15*10*7cm
Weight: 380g
When using it, put two AA batteries into the handle.
Packing List: Game console, 2x Wireless handle, Wireless signal receiver, USB charging cable, Memory card (optional 32G/64G), HD signal extension cable, Manual

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